Crawford County Billboard Aims to Start Conversation About Opioid Crisis, Drug Addiction

This billboard in Crawford County is getting a lot of attention right now.

And that’s exactly what the people who put it up want to happen.

The Crawford County Partnership for Substance Abuse Prevention recently put up the billboard that shares the life and death struggle Grayling native Tim Hatley endured with drug addiction.

Along this stretch of road just outside of Grayling sits this billboard.

It tells the gut wrenching story of what happened to Tim Hatley after he become addicted to prescription pain killers following a high school football injury.

“When he turned 19 he moved out of my house and moved down the street with a friend and that’s kind of when it all started that he started snorting Norco’s. He had a huge addiction with the Norco’s, went through three withdrawals with him,” said Tim’s mother Karen.

Tim struggled with his addiction for close to a decade before turning to meth. He suffered a meth induced psychotic breakdown about one month before he took his life on December 30th of last year.

“His fiancé had called me and said ‘he’s gone’ and hung up on me. And I was like ‘what is she’s talking about?’ I called my husband and said ‘you need to come home now.’ So, he came home, and when he walked in he was crying, and just shook his head and I fell to the ground,” said Hatley.

Tim’s mother Karen is now on a mission to share her son’s story and hopes this billboard gets people talking.

“I chose the billboard going towards the high school because I want kids on a bus to see that every single day, and I want parents to get the message that you know, you’re kid doesn’t have to be a troubled kid to end up this way. This loss is the worst thing I’ve ever had to go through, and I don’t want anyone else to go through this,” said Hatley.

For information on the Crawford County Partnership for Substance Abuse Prevention, click here.