Protesters Crowd Capitol Building Over Efforts to Restrict Authority of Democrats

Loud protests Wednesday in Lansing over what many say is a last-minute power grab by Republican lawmakers in their lame duck session.

Demonstrators crowded the Capitol Wednesday, opposing moves by GOP led House and Senate to limit the authority of just-elected Democrats.

In the House, a bill that would limit future ballot proposals was moved forward.

Governor Snyder has said he’ll look at the flurry of lame duck bills that come to his desk carefully and individually.

But governor-elect Gretchen Whitmer says this show of partisanship shows voters the meaning of sour grapes.

“They would not be doing this had the republicans won the race for governor, I think that they don’t want me to be successful. They don’t want to lose the chance to direct the agenda,” Whitmer said.

Whitmer plans to meet with president trump tomorrow at the white house as part of an event for newly-elected governors.

Meanwhile lawmakers in the state House are pulling an all nighter Wednesday.