Mount Pleasant Community Helps School Custodian After Home Burns Down

A custodian who works at Fancher Elementary School in Mount Pleasant lost his home in a fire last week.

Since then, the school along with the community as a whole are doing what they can to get him back on his feet after losing nearly everything.

“We were just heartbroken and sadden for Scotty because he’s such a huge part of our Fancher family here,” said Katie Rinke, the principal at Fancher Elementary.

Scotty Overly, the custodian, did not have insurance on the home that went up in flames.

Fancher Elementary and the entire Mount Pleasant district did not hesitate to help this man who even came to work the morning after the fire.

“This is a man who does so much for our building and takes care of our teachers and is so good with our students how can we reach out and support him and his family at a time of need and loss,” said Rinke.

He says he’s been overwhelmed with the endless generosity from his co-workers and families of students.

“Some of the kids have been coming in and they’re like ‘Mr. Scotty we’re so sorry your house burnt down. You know, me and my family want to help,’ and hand me a card and there’s like $100 in these cards,” said Scott Overly. “These people don’t know me, but they’re still willing to help.”

Staff from the school set up a Go Fund Me page that has already reached over $3,500.

Students are even encouraging others to help.

“Donate money, donate clothes and help him because it’s around Christmas time and they’ll have no house,” said Ava Sweet, a third grader at Fancher.

Not only are they receiving an abundance of monetary donations, but every day necessities as well such as laundry detergent, pots and pans and pillows too.

“This family here at Fancher has been just totally, totally awesome,” said Overly.

He says he’s blessed to have such a giving community and place of work.

“There’s no way I could find another job that would have so many caring people. I don’t believe I could,” said Overly.

If you would like to donate you can click here for the Go Fund Me Page.