Pugsley Correctional Facility Will Soon Transform, Cutting Edge Startup Company

The property that used to house inmates will soon be home to a cutting edge technology startup company.

The Pugsley Correctional Facility shut down in September of 2016.

Many jobs were lost but it won’t be long before jobs come back.

The facility used to provide 230 jobs and house around 1,300 inmates, but for the last two years it’s sat empty.

Now after a new agreement, it will not only bring jobs and growth back to the area but advanced technology to Northern Michigan.

“With this development we could see other developments come along that kind of piggyback on this development or decide that Fife Lake Township is a good place to locate,” said Fife Lake Township supervisor Linda Forwerck.

Fife Lake Township and Grand Traverse County unanimously approved a redevelopment agreement for the land.

Right now Michigan Land Bank owns the property and North Bay Capital Group will lead the development.

“This is an opportunity for people, within I’d say a 30 mile radius, for jobs,” said Forwerck. “Some are more I guess you would say blue collar and some will be white collar.”

The plan is to turn the 179 acres filled with 32 separate empty buildings into the new home for Inphastos.

A local, cutting edge construction technology startup company.

The project will be in three phases, each planned to start within two years of the previous phase.

“The area really needs something,” said Gregory Pike who lives near the facility. “I think a lot of residents around here were worried that they were going to reopen it up like a private prison.”

“I’m not excited to see the houses move in around here but I’m excited for the area to grow,” said Thomas Newcomb who also lives nearby.

The township will now start the zoning and planning of the redevelopment before the first phase starts next year.