Father, 5-Year-Old Son Killed in Drummond Island House Fire

“Kyle was quite the hero because he was not going to leave any of his family [behind].”

A young father and his five year-old son died in a fire that destroyed their home on Drummond Island.

Kyle Messenger and his son Ethan passed away Sunday night.

First-responders were called to their home on Johnswood Road just before 10 p.m., when they arrived the fire was burning out of control.

The state fire marshal is still investigating the cause of the fire, as the community tries to come to grips with the tragedy.

Police believe the young father ran back into the burning home to save his son and neither came out.

“He did what any parent would do especially a father and he found his boy and was going to get him out or stay with him,” Close Family Friend Tracey Hartman, said.

Hartman says the family woke up to the smoke alarm and in minutes their home was on fire.

“They realized the carpet started and the couch was starting and he realized there was no saving the house,” she explained.

Kyle brought his girlfriend and two-year-old son Ashton to safety. By the time first responders arrived, he was still inside the home trying to free Ethan.

“He went back in and that’s the last we know and then it was too far gone. Ethan and Kyle were together and they made it back as far as the bathroom, but then they succumbed to the smoke,” Hartman, added.

Today there is nothing left of their home. Two snowmen sit in front of the rubble.

And the loss of a father and young son can be felt across the island as silence blankets the mourning community.“It’s a lot for a family to take so we just need to keep them in their prayers and let them know we are all here for them,” Hartman, said.

“It’s a huge loss for the school and community and it’s just a tough one to process for everybody.  It’s particularly hard given the time of the year and the situation that was presented to them,” Chippewa County Undersheriff Greg Postma, said.

If you would like to help out the family during this heartbreaking time, you can click here to donate or contact the local American Red Cross.