Hydroponics Shop Owners Say Growing Pot is Expensive, Challenging

As of December 6, anyone 21 or older in Michigan can smoke pot, and they can also grow it inside their homes.

With this option on the table, many are beginning to examine what this process looks like.

David Overholt says it’s a challenging one.

“It took me a good year (to get it down),” Overholt explained, adding that it takes two to four months just to grow and harvest the plants.

Overholt runs a hydroponics store in Sheridan. He says the one thing they can’t legally sell are the marijuana seeds, but inside his store you can find everything else you’d need.

However, he says those supplies are not cheap. It will set you back a few thousand to get started.

Before businesses can sell marijuana, hydroponics shops like AAA Hydroponics say they plan to take advantage of the opportunity.

“It’s gonna be a rocket business,” Overholt said. “Think of it as a Kirby dealer, you know. How they come knocking door-to-door. So, we drop a bunch of people into nice communities and go knocking door-to-door and see who’s interested.”

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