General Motors’ CEO Meets With Michigan Lawmakers in Washington DC

General Motors’ CEO met with Michigan lawmakers on Capitol Hill Thursday.

They discussed a plan to restructure, which includes closing two downstate plants and slashing thousands of jobs.

CEO Mary Barra said that she and lawmakers now have a better understanding of what each is dealing with, and wants to help workers whose jobs are at stake, but did not offer details.

“You know we worked very carefully and looked at what steps we needed to take to strengthen the company and as difficult as we are we think the steps that we’ve taken are what’s necessary for our future,” Barra said.

Senator Debbie Stabenow says GM jobs need to come back to Michigan.

“When decisions are made about a new product or expanding a product line, we want those workers and that expansion to be in Michigan. And that was our very strong message to Mary Barra,” Stabenow said.

One lawmaker says GM has a special obligation to build vehicles in the U.S., after the government bailed it out in 2008.