Several Crashes Reported from Icy Conditions in Isabella County

The morning commute has become dangerous for many in Isabella County and surrounding areas.

Isabella County Central Dispatch reported more than 15 crashes on Thursday morning.

The Shepherd Police are warning people to give yourself extra time and take it slow.

You can see the reports of the crashes on the Isabella County Facebook page.

  • River west of Lincoln – Single vehicle non-injury
  • Broomfield east of Crawford – Two-vehicle non-injury
  • Littlefield south of Beal City – Single vehicle versus tree, non-injury
  • Blanchard and Summerton – Vehicle hit the stop sign, non-injury
  • Remus and Coldwater – Vehicle in the ditch
  • Broomfield and West Campus Dr – Vehicle in the median
  • Winn Rd south of Beal City Road – Vehicle in the ditch
  • Queensway and Castle Dr – School bus and a car, non-injury
  • Pickard Rd west of Winn Rd – Non-injury accident
  • Drew and Coldwater – Roll over non-injury
  • Isabella and River – Non-injury accident
  • Mission and Wing – Vehicle versus power pole, non-injury
  • Millbrook and Coldwater – Two-vehicle non-injury
  • Winn and Baseline – Single vehicle non-injury
  • Deerfield and Mission – Single vehicle non-injury
  • Broomfield St in front of the Mt. Pleasant Community Church – Two car injury accident
  • Blanchard and Vandecar – Vehicle in the ditch
  • Pickard and Chadwick – Vehicle in the ditch
  • Coldwater and Blanchard- Rollover non-injury
  • Winn and River – Vehicle in the ditch
  • Coldwater and Drew – Two car non-injury
  • Crawford south of Broomfield – Vehicle in the ditch
  • Beal City and Winn – Two car non-injury