Landlords Decide What They’ll Allow With the Legalization of Marijuana

With the legalization of recreational marijuana, any landlord has the legal right to prevent their occupants from growing marijuana as well as smoking it, however they cannot restrict them on possessing it.

One Mount Pleasant landlord says he’s not concerned with this new law.

“If it doesn’t bother anybody, if it doesn’t bother my apartments, then I don’t care,” said Mike Henkel, owner of Henkel Apartments.

Henkel says he plans to let his occupants grow and smoke marijuana on his property now that it’s legal.

“I’m more of a kind of lenient landlord I guess,” said Henkel.

However, that could change if it becomes an issue.

“If I find out there’s an apartment that does bong hits every ten minutes on the hour, then I might go and tell them alright you can’t smoke on the premises because we’ve had complaints,” said Henkel.

His renters, seem to be onboard with his plan.

“I chose a really good landlord,” said Izaak Rosales, an occupant of a Henkel apartment.

Rosales and Avery Kiefer rent two of Henkel’s apartments.

“I think it’s awesome and obviously going to be a fun part for Mount Pleasant now for some people,” said Rosales.

“The negatives I see with marijuana consumption parallel those that might occur with alcohol, so just people inexperienced and young, overuse, maybe operating machinery,” said Kiefer.

Henkel says he will handle any complaints on a case by case basis.