Cadillac Hydroponics Store Getting Calls from People Struggling to Find Marijuana

People in Michigan can now legally grow up to 12 marijuana plants in their homes.

At least one hydroponics store we spoke to said people they’ve been on the phone with are struggling to find marijuana right now.

Thursday is a day Rev. Steven Thompson has marked on the calendar since Election Day. He admits it feels as though Christmas came a little early this year, with recreational marijuana now legal statewide.

“For us to be able to now smoke our natural herb plant without the fear of the police coming through the door, or being arrested, and taken to jail on possession and children taken away from us, we are finally at peace,” said Thompson.

But the question of where to get marijuana is one that appears to be plaguing the state right now

Christopher Garske owns Greenway Gardens, a hydroponics store in Cadillac.

“Everyone is after the end product, they don’t want to wait two to three months to get to that end product. They don’t know where to get it, they’re calling around looking for it,” said Garske.

He says while they sell what people need to grow marijuana they have not seen the jump in customers many would expect.

“It drives people mad to think that they voted for something and now they can’t get it,” said Garske.

As for Thompson, who has a medical marijuana card, planned to smoke marijuana legally for the first time Thursday afternoon.

“We put in it specifically that we can’t smoke in public we can’t smoke behind the wheel of a car going down the road so that we could show the public we are responsible,” he said.

The state still has to set all the specific regulations and issue new licenses to commercial dispensaries.

In fact, you might not be able to buy recreational marijuana commercially until 2020.