Grand Traverse Co. Sheriff’s Office Asking for Approval to Purchase Drug Analyzers

The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office could soon have a new piece of equipment to help them battle the drug problem in the county.

The department requested money for a “Tru-Narc Handheld Drug Analyzer” in June. That was approved.

It’s now asking for permission to purchase the unit at Wednesday’s county commission meeting.

The analyzer lets deputies scan powdery substances without having to open packages and expose them to what’s inside.

It can analyze drugs like heroin and cocaine as well as some others that are often mixed into them.

The sheriff’s office says it will keep deputies and others safe.

“Not only make it safe for those deputies on the road to be able to determine what that unknown powdery substance is, but it also makes the people safe at the crime lab. All the way around it’s making it safer for law enforcement and those other departments and agencies that assist us,” says Captain Chris Clark, Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office says it had two cases involving heroin in the last week.

They hope to be using the analyzer by early 2019.