Local Club Providing Washer, Dryer to Help Kalkaska Students Do Laundry

Clean clothes are something not everyone has access to.

The Academia Club of Kalkaska realized this and is now making it possible for Kalkaska High students to have access to a washer and dryer at school.

“If they need food we will feed them. If they need clothes we will cloth them. If they need their clothes washed, we will do that,” said Chuck Sorentino, principal at Kalkaska High School.

Kalkaska High School says they will do whatever it takes to ensure their students have what they need.

Now, with the help of the Academia Club of Kalkaska, they can help students do their laundry.

Part of the donation includes bags that allows students to carry their laundry without having to feel embarrassed.

They can now bring their laundry in the designated laundry room, clean their clothes and get on with their day. 

“For kids it’s embarrassing if they have to come to school and their clothes become dirty or they’re smelly,” said Sorentino.  

Now they can learn more than just what’s in the books at school.

“We bring them down we show them how to do laundry and then supervise and make sure that they’re not bleaching darks,” said Sorentino.

They predict around 100 students will reach out to use these.

All thanks to the Academia Club of Kalkaska, a service club made up of 17 women.

“This is definitely a need that we get really good about fulfilling and I think the school would say the same thing they’re happy to have this for the students,” said Valerie Thornburg, president of the academia club.

Thornburg says she got the idea on Facebook from a New Jersey principal who found students were being bullied for their dirty clothes.

“We’re just happy to be able to help our community in building a better community,” said Thornburg.

The school also has a pantry of clothes and hygiene products for students.

They say they are always looking for donations including winter coats, gloves and now laundry items.

“We want to help them have a happy life and also ten years down the road so they’re successful and believe me our students are generous and they know how to pass it forward,” said Sorentino.