Senate Bill Would Make it Illegal to Grow Marijuana in Homes, Undo Other Aspects of Prop 1

On Election Day, voters approved Proposal 1; in one week, recreational marijuana will be legalized in Michigan.

Though on Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof introduced a bill that would undo many aspects of Proposal 1.

“Too many people get busted for it, too many people get thrown in jail for something that’s not all that bad,” Mark Titchenell, said.

“I think one of the reasons people passed it is because they saw what happened in Colorado and they are really hoping the tax revenue will help the local communities,” Chair of the Chippewa County Democratic Party Allison Youngs, said.

Many had different reasons but more than 56 percent of voters in Michigan voted “Yes” on Prop 1.

“The people voted so hopefully the legislators will respect the will of the people,” Youngs, added.

But Prop 1 supporters say Senate Bill 1243 goes against what the people of Michigan want.

The bill would make it illegal for people to grow marijuana in their homes and cut the tax rate, greatly reducing revenue.

“I think they should have just left it how it is, where you can have the plants at home,” Gerald Folsom, said.

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol who wrote the ballot proposal, says the bill only helps big business.

“Big business wants to have a more monopolized system, which is why his legislation eliminates small business licenses. It also eliminates home grow, which big business sees as a threat to their bottom line,” CRMLA Spokesman Josh Hovey, said.

In cities that have already voted to ban marijuana stores, like Sault Ste. Marie, this bill if passed, would make it harder for local voters to challenge that.

“Most [municipalities] have voted to opt out, so if you can’t grow and there are no retailers how are they supposed to get it, which means they will still be getting it illegally.

Since voters are the ones who put Proposal 1 into law, this bill would need a three-fourths majority vote in both the senate and the house to move on.