Hometown Tourist: InterQuilten in Interlochen

There’s a very special place in Interlochen just off the main drag where you can learn about everything quilting, and they have a needle and thread community mission this time of year.

Meet Tawni Young, she loves what she does and you can tell when you visit her eclectic shop InterQuilten, where she says they try to stay on the cutting edge of the quilting world.

“We tend to favor happy bright colors, we do a lot artsy things, we try to stay on the cutting edge, I try very hard to make sure when you come to my shop you will find things here that you’ve not seen anywhere else,” said Young.

As with any great quilting shop, they have tons of fabric, unique options for creating projects, embellishing, sewing and more.

Come in with an idea and you’ll leave with the needle thread and tools to see it through. She even offers a free class on Teach Me Tuesdays just to get people involved.

“We have classes on different techniques all of the time. We have beginner classes so someone who has always wanted to quilt can come learn and learn the correct way,” explained Young.

“There is a nostalgic component to quilting, but there’s also a component that’s not necessarily about nostalgia, but it’s about the feel of what you’re doing, the feel of the fabric is lovely, but in many, many cases people are making quilts not for themselves, but to give away,” said Young.

And it’s just at the heart of that nostalgia that Tawni also likes to encourage giving back. This time of year she collects hundreds of placemats made by those in the community for people to deliver with meals for the Meals on Wheels project around northern Michigan.

“They may not have much or any family, so we’ve made it our mission to give them something and it’s very simple, but it’s a placemat that’s handmade for them that gets delivered with their holiday meal. We hear from them over and over how thrilled they are to get something like this such a simple gift impacts them so hugely,” said Young.

From landscape art quilting classes, to hand stitching, and even just the basics, InterQuilten is just as much of a learning space as a place to gather ideas and people.

In the end, Tawni says there’s an immeasurable amount of love that goes into giving a quilt.

“There really is an emotional aspect of this whole thing. In today’s society things are so disposable, things are so fast and sometimes even when the economy is a little worrisome and you might not want to spend money on a big vacation, people revert to these things that give comfort. You might spend a couple hundred dollars making a quilt, but you’re going to have that quilt, or the person you’re giving it to is going to have it for a very long time, and it becomes part of your family story and your history,” said Young.


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