New Inverness Township Leaders Bring New Hope for Stalled Meijer Project in Cheboygan

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Three weeks after Election Day there’s now new found hope for a Cheboygan County project that had been collecting dust for years.

Back in 2015, Meijer bought 40 acres of land in Inverness Township.

The hope was to build a store there and bring hundreds of jobs along with it, but ongoing disagreements between the city of Cheboygan and Inverness Township have stalled any developments.

The two couldn’t agree on who would provide water to the location.

Many put the blame on township officials, voters recalled four of them in the most recent election.

New leadership at the township level has some people excited about the future.

“They need to start bringing Cheboygan jobs because if they don’t then eventually we are going to be a ghost town,” Sherry Lewis, said.

Bruce and Sherry Lewis can literally see the lack of development from their front door, but with new leadership they’re excited for what could finally happen.

“To see a new building up there and a parking lot. It’s very exciting and were anxious to see it start actually, instead of it just being all talk,” Sherry, added.

“The whole thing has been stalled and there’s arguments one way or another. Nothing has progressed on it so that’s kind of why the recall happened and here we are,” Inverness Township Trustee Greg Elliott, said.

Elliott is a newly-elected township trustee, at his first meeting he voted to drop the lawsuit the township filed against the city.

“We also voted and decided that we would start negotiations with the city on the 425 agreement,” Elliot added.

Those early negotiations have gone well.

“The committees have basically come to a tentative agreement on all the terms to it, but it’s sitting in the hands of the attorney right now,” Elliot, explained.

“We are here to serve the people and give the people their voices and that’s what has been lacking in the past. We just have to wait and see how it all plays out,” Inverness Township Clerk Lisa Porter, said.