Petoskey Woman Pleads No Contest in Crash that Killed 9-Year-Old

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A Petoskey woman is now being charged after a nine year-old boy was hit by a car and died in Emmet County.

On Wednesday, Holly Hibbler pleaded no contest to reckless driving causing death.

Police say Hibbler hit nine year-old Samuel Myers and his mom while they walked their bikes alongside Maxwell Road in Emmet County’s Springvale Township.

It happened on August 8th.

Samuel Myers and his mother were walking their bikes along the side of the road, when they were struck from behind.

Both were rushed to the hospital, where the boy later died.

Witnesses at the scene told 9&10 News they saw the driver drive away and come back after hitting the pair.

“It’s just a really tragic event and I really they hope they get to the bottom of what really happened,” Springvale Township Resident Samantha Krussell, said.

At the scene of the crash now lays a memorial, hanging off a cross is the nine year-old’s fourth grade ID.

A sad reminder of a horrific tragedy.

“It makes people very wary about riding their bikes with their kids, I mean my daughter was scared to ride her bike on the road,” Krussell, added.

Samantha Krussell’s husband witnessed the crash and called 911.

“It was crazy seeing the body in the road, you know hearing the crash, watching the lady drive by, he didn’t know  how to process it really,” she, explained.

On Wednesday Holly Hibbler was formally charged as the driver.

The court didn’t allow our cameras inside but outside, we asked Emmet County Prosecutor James Linderman why it took so long to bring forth charges.

“One of the issues that we are dealing with in this case is the fact that we had to collect certain evidence, i.e. blood evidence and other evidence and have it tested by the Michigan State Police lab. There is a considerable backup in that system and it took quite a period of time to get the evidence back,” Linderman, explained.

“Well I realize it’s been a considerable amount of time, it’s always a tragedy when someone is needlessly killed in a traffic situation, especially a child, so our sympathies certainly go out to the family,” Linderman, added.

A sentencing date for Hibbler has not yet been set, she faces up to 15 years in prison.

Her no contest plea means she doesn’t admit to the crime but will accept the punishment.