Lake County Economic Group Partners with Grand Rapids Organization

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An economic development group in Lake County is partnering with another organization to try and give the area a boost.

The Lake County Economic Development Alliance is partnering with The Right Place out of Grand Rapids.

They hope to help local businesses grow and attract new ones to the area.

It’s been about a five year process for the Lake County Economic Development Alliance and The Right Place to officially partner. John Trimberger is secretary for the alliance.

“It’s a pretty well established fact that Lake County’s economy is pretty poor and we hope to be able to improve the quality of life for all of the people that live here, and provide more assets for the people that come up here to visit,” said Trimberger.

They’ll focus on several key areas including infrastructure, along with keeping and expanding local business.

“The Right Place has a lot of experience in economic development and that’s why we decided a partnership with them was to our advantage. We don’t have the personnel or the money to do it and The Right Place has the connections

Right now if you come for a meal in downtown Baldwin chances are you may run into more restaurants forced to close their doors, it’s a problem people here hope this partnership can address.

Debra Mead owns Debbie’s Sportsmen Lounge in Baldwin.

“Mother Nature isn’t always good to us and that’s what we rely on. When your industry is tourism we count on Mother Nature and she doesn’t always play fair,” said Mead.

“You hate to say beautiful prison, but it’s a huge prison but it’s a huge building, maybe we can build something on the marijuana end of it, it’s a new enterprise. It’s something new to the state,” added Mead.

The Right Place is also working with Oceana County on similar projects.