Black Friday Shoppers Pack Grand Traverse Mall

On Friday hundreds are lined up at stores around the country to catch some great  Black Friday bargains.

On this unofficial holiday the average shopper will spend nearly 300-dollars.

“I’ve been Black Friday shopping since I was seven,” Izzy Barton, said.

For many like Izzy Barton, Black Friday shopping is a tradition,

“I just had to get stuff for my family and myself. I got up at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday and I haven’t been to sleep since; it’s been a long day,” Barton, explained.

A long day with long lines, some say you need to hit the mall with a plan.

“Make sure you have a time period set out, because you’ll be here for a long period of time. I don’t mind standing in lines, think the lines make it more fun I guess,” Veronica Marschner, said.

“Just kind of expected it to be a busy day I guess,” Pierson Klein, said.

Klein expected the large crowd, though he was a little surprised with how much he saved.

“It’s going pretty good, I went to Best Buy, kind of just been all around the mall, TJ Maxx, Target, mostly doing clothes shopping,” he, added.

“It’s definitely busy and lots of things are on sale which is nice so it’s definitely a good day to go shopping,” Klein, explained.

Gayle Mattison says it was great day, she came up from Onekama and saved a whole lot.

“Quite a bit of really nice deals, we’ve saved over $400 today,” Mattison, said.

While the savings are what brings these shoppers to the stores, spending that time in line with families is now another way to make memories during the holiday season.

“Just been a wonderful day it’s been memory time with our families and doing fun things,” Mattison, added.