Otsego County Woman Accused of Giving Methadone to 4-Month-Old

“Its just really frustrating and heartbreaking, I just want to know why?”

A baby’s parents are begging for answers, after an Otsego County woman was arrested and charged with giving methadone to her four month-old niece.

Aaliya Gere-Jackson is charged with delivering drugs to a minor.

Police began investigating back in January when the four-month-old girl was rushed to the hospital overdosing on methadone.

Baby Kelsi is now happy, healthy and just over a year old and it’s been almost a year since she was flown to a hospital, struggling to breathe.

“We were both at work and we came home around midnight and I noticed my daughter was acting kind of weird. She stopped breathing and opens up her eyes gasping for air, turning purple, he took her upstairs and his mom called 911 because it looked like she was dying,” Kelsi’s Mom Jessi Gibson, said.

It was a nightmare for young parents Jessi and Greystone.

“They said she’s lucky to have made it, if it had been any longer, she would not be here right now,” Jessi, added.

Doctors said Kelsi overdosed on methadone a drug prescribed to opioid addicts.

The couple says Aliyah Gere-Jackson, Kelsi’s aunt, is responsible.

“Right when we got home from the hospital [Greystone]found a baby syringe in his sister’s belongings, they went to the crime lab and confirmed methadone in the syringe and my daughter’s DNA and his sister’s DNA on the syringe,” Jessi, added.

The two say they still don’t know exactly what happened and are struggling to come to grips with it.

“My theory maybe is that my baby is being fussy or something like that, trying to give it to her to calm down,” Jessi, added.

“It’s definitely tragic, we definitely would not expect this from a family member. It’s very rough to think that,” Kelsi’s Father Greystone Gere, said.

“It should be known to the public that she did this, I don’t want something happening to another child like what happened to my child because that has me scarred for life,” Jessi, added.

Throughout this investigation Gere-Jackson has maintained her innocence and is innocent until proven guilty.

Through our 9&10 News investigation we found she’s charged with another crime unrelated to this; accused of stealing a debit card from a restaurant.

She’s due back Otsego County District Court on both cases next week.