Turkeys Not Tickets: MSP Troopers Surprise Drivers in Otsego County

On Monday in Otsego County it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to be pulled over by police.

Troopers patrolled the streets but some weren’t looking for trouble-makers, they were looking to give thanks.

Monday morning Trooper Ron Rabineau of the Michigan State Police Gaylord post, hopped in his patrol car on a very special mission.

“What I plan on doing is finding a random vehicle, making a traffic stop on it,” Rabineau, said.

Though he was looking for some things in particular.

“Family vehicles, like a mom and pop in a mini-van,” he, added.

The lights flicker and we found our first target outside a hardware store.

John Wilson came down from Afton to get some supplies, he thought he was about to go home with a ticket.

“I’m wondering what I did wrong, I thought I was doing everything right but,” Wilson, said.

But Trooper Rabineau handed out something different.

“Can i give you a turkey today?” he asked.

Turkeys, instead of tickets.

“I definitely appreciate it, and it’s a blessing. Probably some family members could use it more than me so maybe I’ll share it. I think it’s a great time to give back, God has given us so much I think it’s a good idea for people to start sharing and giving,” Wilson, said.

Back on the road, this mini-van pulled into this parking lot.

With a car full of grandkids, Judy Drielts was dropping her daughter off for a job interview…

“We’d like to give you a free turkey today,” Rabineau, said.

“I think it’s great, I really do, I appreciate it, we got a big family so we will definitely use it,” Drielts, said.

“This is great and I really didn’t expect this. Honestly I expected a ticket for not [completely] stopping, they’re laughing at me back there, but no, this is great, it’s amazing thank you, you made our day,” Drielts, added.

Six turkeys and plenty of smiles later mission accomplished.

Vanderbilt-Corwith Fire& Rescue and WalMart helped provide more than 20 turkeys for agencies in Otsego County.