Reindeer Farm Getting Ready for Santa’s Arrival This Weekend

Take one look around the Aldrich family business, and you know they’re not kidding when they say they really, really love Christmas.

A love for the cheerful holiday lead to whole new level when a hobby became a full-blown, year round business.

The Aldrich’s had always been into the exotic animal business. In the 80’s they owned a few reindeer, and soon became hooked.

Now, they run Rooftop Reindeer Farm year round.

“Our family has always been into Christmas,” said co-owner Dan Aldrich. “This is where we make our living. We’re crazy busy this time of year and it’s turned into a year round thing. Now, here we are 28 years later, this is all I do for a living.”

Friday’s snow is a sure sign to the start of a very busy season. Unlike most people, Aldrich is thrilled to see the dusting on the ground.

“It’s very good for us to see the snow, this brings everybody in the spirit, especially this early,” said Aldrich. “Where many people aren’t excited for the [snowy] roads…we’re very excited, it will make this place happen this weekend.”

Rooftop Reindeer farm is really starting to feel like the North Pole just in time for Santa’s arrival. Santa will parachute onto the farm Sunday at noon.

Visitors are invited to meet Aldrich’s 15 reindeer every weekend until the one before Christmas. The reindeer keep busy travelling throughout the state, too.

They’re good travel buddies. Unlike white tail deer, reindeer respond to commands and know their own names. They are docile, curious, gentle creatures.

“These guys know their names, they go by voice commands, meaning they can be more like a dog, a companion to you,” said Aldrich.

The deer make more than 150 stops through Michigan this time of year, visiting different cities and businesses. And they bring that little bit of that Christmastime magic everywhere they go.

“Many people think they’re not really real until I usually can convince them that they are,” said Aldrich. “I’ve had people walk away still not believing.”

But don’t be confused…these reindeer, native to Norway, Finland, Russia and Alaska are very, very real.

And you can see for yourself every weekend through the holiday season. For more information, go to

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