Movies with Meg: ‘Widows’, ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ & ‘Green Book’

What to Watch: November 15, 2018

Local movie maven Meg Weichman is in with her picks for Mid-November:

‘Widows:’ “I didn’t even need to know what exactly this movie was about to know I’m already buying my popcorn and going to see it. You have the Oscar winning director Steve McQueen of “Twelve Years a Slave” teaming up with writer Jillian Flynn of “Gone Girl,” “Sharp Objects,” and then you’ve got this powerhouse cast including Viola Davis, Liam Neeson, Robert Duval, Colin Farrell, it’s a deliciously fun and devious crime thriller with ridiculous action and incredible one-liners and it’s about these four widows of these bank robbers who take it upon themselves and team up to finish the job when these mob bosses come after them for what they believe the husbands of them did. So it’s going to be serious.”

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet:’ “Disney animation’s beloved video game bad guy turned hero Wreck It Ralph is back with his buddy Venelope. And they’re in search of a Wi-Fi router that will unlock a new adventure for them. And what an adventure it’s going to be. They’ve tapped into the internet, so we’ve got a lot of meta and synergistic twists with Disney content. All the Disney princesses with all their original voices that will be cool. And there’s also search engines, online gaming and eBay auctions and all these cool things they are going to encounter. They’ve gone on the World Wide Web.”

‘Green Book:’ “A story based on an unlikely true friendship between this African American–it’s set in the 1960s–between an African American world-class pianist played by Marchero Ali who won an Oscar for moonlight, and his friendship with the Italian American bouncer slash driver he hires to protect him while he’s on this concert tour in the gym crow era south. A very thoughtful, crowd-pleasing film with a big heart. And it won the Toronto National Film Festival’s Audience Award, which is one of the biggest and most prestigious indicators of either a best-picture nomination or a best-picture win.”

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