What’s Trending Wednesday: Holiday Season Stress

The holiday season is upon us and for some that can be a stressful few months.

In today’s What’s Trending Wednesday, we’ve come up with our favorite ways for you to take care of yourself and relax.

Sometimes just take a moment to treat yourself with a cup of tea.

According to a 2009 British study, people placed in stressful situations actually felt 30 percent less stressed once given a cup of tea compared to those without.

Some of our favorites are green, black, and jasmine.

Another way to deal with stress is to get your body moving.

Hit the gym, go for a run or even try some yoga.

When you exercise your brain produces endorphins.

Those are natural painkillers that can improve your ability to sleep.

Did you know your dog can help too?

Pets of any kind have seen positive results in helping with mental well-being.

Dogs, rabbits, horses, and even crickets have all shown positive effects.

Caring for another creature can help relieve stress and bring focus to your mind.

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