Diocese of Gaylord Releases List of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

The Catholic Diocese of Gaylord released a list of every priest accused of sexual misconduct with minors in its nearly 50 year history.

However, the Diocese did not announce that they published that information on their website.

This comes amid a growing focus across the country on clergy sex abuse.

This is the first time the Diocese has released a comprehensive list of all priests that have been accused of sexual misconduct, but we still had questions.

All 10 priests have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors. The Diocese did not formally announce the list had been published.

“Going into that decision was we decided not to do it at this time, that’s a key point because it wasn’t that we weren’t going to do it, that we didn’t do it at this time. Bishop Raica has promised in earlier statements over the past couple of months, even that we were in the process of preparing a list and that he wanted it published as soon as it was ready,” said Director of Communications Candace Neff.

This list also does not include a history of which parishes the priests served at.

“This is how we’ve decided to do it at this point, that doesn’t mean that might not change in the future based on insights that might come forward.”

9&10 News also obtained a copy of this internal memo sent to priests and staff across the diocese on Friday. It notifies them of the list but also says “We are not notifying the media regarding this posting at this time and do not want you to make any kind of announcement, but we are sharing with you that it is there.”

“We weren’t saying we weren’t going to talk about it, we weren’t going to let people know it was there, but we were really trying to fulfill a promise that we had made, that the bishop had made, and yet still as a courtesy inform our staff and priests that it was there should they get questions,” said Neff.

People in northern Michigan hope the Diocese continues to release information.

“I don’t applaud them for holding it back, but I can also understand why they did it because they’re risking people’s lives,” said Dylan Ehlert.

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