Free Truck Driver Training For Vets

Veterans in Northern Michigan seeking jobs now have another free opportunity to consider.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced that Pinnacle Truck Driver Training in Cadillac is approved to train VA eligible students.

Pinnacle Truck Driver Training is a four-week truck driving school.

It’s the 12th truck driver training school in the state that veterans can attend at no cost.

“The fact that we can now serve veterans in a better capacity to help them achieve their goals takes it to a whole new level,” said Tim Baker, Vice President of operations at Pinnacle Truck Driver Training.

The process to become approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs took almost a year but now Pinnacle Truck Driver Training school can share their expertise with VA eligible students, a program that normally costs nearly $6,000.

“We take people who want a better life for themselves and help them achieve that and now with our veterans funding we can take those who serve our country and we can give back a little bit and help them get on their future a little easier,” said Baker.

On day one student are able to get inside a truck simulator to get a feel for the equipment on various road conditions before they get outside on the drive track. That same day, they also start practicing driving a semi-truck on the drive track.

“Its four weeks of training, 160 hours, and then almost everyone who wants a job will have a job prior to them starting. The trucking companies are offering veterans a higher pay to start out,” said Baker.

The starting salary for truck drivers is $50,000 with benefits and demand for truck drivers is at an all-time high.

“There’s always looking for semi-truck drivers. For anything. There’s always going to be jobs for semis,” said the student, Michael Peters.

Their next training program will start after Thanksgiving.

One veteran is already signed up but they are looking for more to join.