Diner Donates All Proceeds to Young Girl With Rare Bone Cancer


The Houghton Lake community is coming together to support 13-year-old, Ava Gasper.

Gasper found out ten days ago that she has a rare bone cancer.

On Tuesday, the Little Boots Country Diner in Houghton Lake donated 100 percent of their proceeds to Ava and her family to help pay for medical bills.

Ava’s mom has been working at the diner for almost 13 years.

The restaurant says she’s family and did not hesitate to help her.

People from the community stopped in all day, some who don’t even know Ava or her mother, and ate to support this cause and even donated additional money as well.

“She didn’t realize how many people loved her and would support her through a time like this and like I said through good and bad this community comes together,” said Jodi Morgan, Ava’s mother.

The restaurant was packed all day and they say they were overwhelmed with the love and support for Ava.