Cadillac Comic Book Store Remembers Stan Lee

“He enjoyed comics so much that he brought it to all of us.”

Comic book fans far and wide are celebrating the life of Stan Lee.

Stanley Martin Leiber, better known as Stan Lee, died Monday at the age of 95. 

He was the co-creator of popular Marvel characters like Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor and many more.

His influence on the comic book industry is larger than life, propelling his characters to worldwide popularity

He worked with Marvel comics, but fans tell us that his impact was felt all across the entire industry.

“Stan Lee touches every square inch of this store. In every comic book store, and like I said every TV show and every movie he’s ever helped create that little kernel of creativity, and then a character comes out,” said Rob Grimes, owner of the Comic Book E.R. in Cadillac.

Stan Lee made a cameo in nearly every Marvel movie to date, and will even be seen in some upcoming films.