Mashup Rock ‘n’ Roll Musical with David Bowie Music Performs in Traverse City

What happens when a classic novel combines with classic rock?

That’s the forte of the Local Mash-Up Rock ‘n Roll Musical Troupe.

They perform mashup rock ‘n’ roll musicals like their latest “The Little Prince and the Man from Mars” that’s coming up at the Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City.

It’s a mix of the classic novella “The Little Prince” and a cult-classic David Bowie film called “The Man Who Fell To Earth.”

The troupe has incorporated ASL throughout the show, and the Nov. 16 performance is specially tailored to the deaf community by hosting an ASL interpreter!

Show dates are Nov. 15, 16, 17, 23 and 24.

Watch the video above to learn more, or head to for more details on show dates and times.

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