Gov. Snyder Reflects on Time in Office, Michigan’s Future in Exit Interview

“I’m proud of what we’ve done over the past eight years. We’ve built a foundation for the future.”

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is now reflecting on his time in office, and talking about what we can expect from the future as he winds down his 8-year run as the state’s leader.

Governor Snyder sat down with the Detroit Economic Club Friday for an exit interview. 

He was asked a variety of questions about some of the more pivotal changes during his tenure, and what he feels his biggest accomplishments were.

Snyder said he’s proud of the changes he’s seen while he’s been in office.

He mentioned a surge in job creation, as well as the improved quality of education and skilled trades across the state.

But one of his main messages was about unity within the state to build a better future for people living here.

“Let’s help one another like we’re one big family and recognize that it’s not just about us, but those people that are coming in the future. We have an opportunity to make their lives better. There doesn’t need to be a loser. Shouldn’t we all win together?” said Snyder.

Snyder also spent a lot of time talking about the Detroit bankruptcy, and applauding the fiscal comeback the city has seen since he took office.