Socks for Troops Fundraiser Helps Comfort Active Military Members

You could be the reason an active military member overseas is able to put on a fresh pair of socks this holiday season.

Shoe Sensation stores across the country are holding their third annual Socks for Troops fundraiser.

Donated socks will be sent to active military members overseas, as well as local veterans.

They are also offering twenty percent off military socks purchased at their stores to donate.

“When you’re overseas you want something that warms that, that’s going to remind you of home, and socks is the best thing that we can think of for it,” says Michael Donovan from the Cadillac Shoe Sensation.

“They spend time away from their families. They make sacrifices for us so that we can do the things that we need to do here in this country. It’s just a great way to give back to them.”

Donations will be collected now through December 24.