Snowy Conditions Return to Northern Michigan: Safe Winter Driving Tips

With snowy conditions returning to Northern Michigan, the Cheboygan County Sheriff’s Office is reminding drivers to be careful on the roads.

The sheriff says the driver of a pickup lost control of the truck Wednesday night on I-75 near Webb Road.

They say the man ended up driving off the road and into a ditch.

His truck rolled over, but landed back on its wheels. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The sheriff says the roads were slippery because of the snow and slush, but they also say speed was to partly blame.

Here’s some safe winter driving tips to keep in mind this winter.

These tips may seem obvious, but after several snowless months, we just want to take a moment to revisit some of the basics.

When the roads start getting wet and slippery with snow and slush, it’s important to make sure you slow down.

Also, allow for extra braking space between you and any vehicles in front of you.

Avoid distractions as much as possible, like talking on your cell phone or eating food.

Keep your headlights on when it’s snowing out.

For snow storms, turn on your low beams.

It’s also important to make sure you’re prepared in case you get stuck in the snow.

Some handy items you should keep in your car at all times:

  • Cat litter or sand to put under your tires for traction.
  • You should also carry around a spare tire.
  • A small shovel, in case you need to dig your tires out of deeper snow.

Some other great items you should keep on hand include:

  • A map
  • Water
  • A flashlight and extra batteries
  • A snowbrush and ice scraper
  • Extra hats and gloves, as well as a heavy blanket to help you stay warm.