Sled Dog Racing Coming to Harrietta this Weekend

Yep, that white stuff on the ground was snow this morning.

Winter is definitely on it’s way, and you can embrace it this weekend by watching a Sled Dog race!

The Great Lakes Sled Dog Association members are gearing up for a busy season.

On November 10 and and 11, teams will race in Harrietta at the Lost Pines Lodge.

Matt Woudenberg is the race chairman and says that it’s an event that is exciting to watch for all ages.

“It’s very exciting and I think if I could emphasize anything, I think people will be surprised at how fast they blow out of the shoot, they just fly and they,re taking off at 20 miles an hour, the dogs are very very enthusiastic,” said Woudenberg. “The first teams go out 10 a.m. Saturday 9 a.m. Sunday it goes throughout the day and there’s also going to be a silent auction and food will be served, so if you want to come out there for lunch that will be available as well.”

Trainer Ron Hnuchik has been racing dogs for 40 years and travels from Ontario, Canada, down to Grand Traverse County and beyond and is getting excited for the cooler temps. He says that his dogs are a certain kind.

“A dog has to have attitude, it has to want to run,” said Hnuchik. “She’s a Euro hound so there’s a little whee bit of husky left in them but it’s mostly pointer crosses between the German short hair and the English short hair and they seem built for speed shes kind of long and skinny. Just like a marathon runner they don’t carry a lot of extra weight.”

The dogs will be racing in different pairings and arrangements.

If you want to go to the race, find more information at


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