Schools, Parents Share How Proposal 1 Passing Could Impact Schools

“It’s going to be talked about the same way as alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco,” said Kingsley Area School’s Superintendent Dr. Keith Smith.

Proposal 1 passed, making recreational marijuana legal soon.

But now the question is whether or not the way the drug is addressed in schools will be different.

Kingsley Area Schools say it is still too early to tell the impact Proposal 1 could have on their curriculum but they don’t expect to see much change.

“I don’t really think that it’s going to change our instruction very much,” said Smith. “Medical marijuana has been around for the last 10 years and that’s already been incorporated into the curriculum.”

However, Smith says there still could be some challenges.

Recalling some they faced when medical marijuana passed.

“Kids would find their parents marijuana and bring it to school sell it, distribute it, use it themselves,” said Smith.

He says this time, they really need help from parents.

“The passage of this, certainly we’re going to have marijuana in some households that it hasn’t been in for a while, and while it may be okay for parents you still have to remember kids are very curious,” said Smith. “So the one thing I implore people is just the same thing like your prescriptions and your alcohol, make sure that you don’t leave it sitting around.”

Parents we spoke to say they want it discussed in school.

Comparing it to how drinking and driving is taught.

“I feel like obviously they need to know the advantage and disadvantage of marijuana,” said Angelica Zoulek. “I guess every parent thinks differently but I feel like the more my kids know the more they are apt to make their own final decision on it, hopefully it’s a no.”

“Parents have got to take a stand and tell their kids you know you’re not 21 yet, the ones that are in school, just don’t use it,” said Marge Wolf.