Opponents of Michigan Proposal 1 Vow to Continue Fight

Those who fought against proposal one say they’re planning to continue the fight against recreational marijuana here in Michigan.

Wexford County Prosecutor Jason Elmore says he’s concerned about what the passage of Proposal 1 means for Michigan.

“The amount that’s going to be permitted in Michigan is drastically more than what we’ve seen in other states. We know that other states have seen increases in auto fatalities, increases in children having access to it despite the law saying under 21 they’re not to possess it,” said Elmore.

The organization “Healthy and Productive Michigan” led the fight against Proposal 1.

They say their concerns remain the same.

“People are now theoretically allowed to grow 12 plants on their property without regard for where their property lies is it next door to a school, is it next door to a family that’s got six kids so all these things are at play right now,” said Scott Greenlee, President of Healthy and Productive Michigan.

The organization says more than 20 communities from across the state have already reached out asking how they can opt out of certain parts of Proposal 1.

“In every state where this has passed, not just Colorado, the majority of localities have voted against marijuana stores in their community, in every single state including Massachusetts. We are exploring all avenues, legal avenues, this of course violates the controlled substances act, federal law,” said Dr. Kevin Sabet, President of SMART Approaches to Marijuana.

The first opportunity for communities to opt out will likely come during the 2020 election.