Northern Michigan in Focus: The Donut Den

What happens when you come up with an idea and build a den in your backyard? People will come.

Corey Adkins explains why in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

“It was supposed to be a hobby thing, and it grew to that too fast,” said Adam Baird of The Donut Den.

What’s being made in a little shack on 45 East Prosper Road, Falmouth, changed the course of retirement for Dan Baird.

“We were looking for something to do in retirement. We got the normal thing started, we had a fishing boat then came across the donut machine, so we put this together.

It has turned into a test of willpower called The Donut Den

“Those ones with apples and cinnamon and sugar taste like Apple Jacks cereal and they are hard to resist, especially the salted caramel,” said Adam.

It got so busy.

“So now the two of us and mom on Saturdays, we crank them out,” explained Adam.

And crank them out they do.

Sometimes Dan and Adam will start at 3 a.m. They like to have 60-80 dozen fresh doughnuts ready and waiting.

Now, believe it or not, they only started The Donut Den three months ago, and it has grown fast.

“When my phone was ringing at 11 at night with people wanting them for meetings and for parties,” said Adam.

So Adam started a good ol’ Facebook page.

“I post our flavors, and when we are open Friday – Sunday, you can pre-order or just stop in. The best is to pre-order so we can package them and set them aside for you to pull up and make sure you get them. We have made 60 dozen before and opened at 7:30 and sold out by 11:30,” explained Adam.

So if you’re around 45 East Prosper Road in downtown Falmouth, look for the sign!

“If you see our sign out, come on in!” said Adam. “Our donuts are only available at this location, we are only sold at our location, no resale. They come and get them right from us,” said Adam.

Because they truly are heavenly or sinful, your call.

“Dangerously good. We had a friend that had to get a Fitbit.

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