Marijuana Legalization: Prop-1 Supporters in Northern Michigan See Green Benefit for the State

All three statewide ballot proposals were approved by voters on Election Day, including the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Though recreational marijuana won’t be legal right away, that comes sometime in early December, but Tuesday night’s results left supporters elated.

“The money’s always been there, the dealers are taking that money right now and they don’t necessarily spend it here, right? So yeah it’s going to come back to the community that’s a good thing,” Peter King, said.

Peter King is a supporter in Clare County.

He thinks regulating the sale of marijuana will help grow local communities.

“I think it should improve our roads and our schools, I’ve seen what it’s done in Colorado and it’s just been amazing what they’ve accomplished, so I’m hoping that it will help here,” King, added.

After years of activism some consider last night’s result, a victory.

“The only trouble I have ever been in in my life, is I got a felony for marijuana. I lost everything, I went to jail, I lost my car, I lost businesses,” Gaylord City Councilman Alan Witt explained.

For years, Witt has been fighting for the sale of medical marijuana in Gaylord.

“Being in a dispensary and working in a dispensary and seeing the benefits that marijuana actually did for you that’s what drove me to go and do what we did,” Witt, added

Last Winter, the City of Gaylord failed to pass an ordinance and now former dispensaries are empty.

Now, Witt believes Prop-1 could help increase access for patients in Northern Michigan.

“Three years ago we were fighting for our lives for this. It’s crazy that recreational marijuana is here and the progress that’s been made, but the city needs look into it and remove the personal vendetta and realize change is here, it’s happening,” Witt, added.