Bond Proposal For Mesick Consolidated Schools Fails For The Third Time


Mesick Consolidated Schools are disappointed their attempt at a school bond proposal did not pass, for the third time.

Now there are concerns about the district’s future.

This proposal would’ve added a wing on to the middle and high school building, making room for elementary students, putting them all under one roof.

That’s because Superintendent Scott Akom says the elementary school is falling apart.

“It actually costs more money to remodel this building and renovate this building than it was to build new,” said Akom.

In some classrooms the foundation is sagging, making the floors uneven.

“You can see up along the ceiling where it has been sinking and the cracks along the walls,” said Akom.

One parent, who supported this bond, is concerned about what this means moving forward.

“Our schools probably the biggest employer in this town so I believe we need to make upgrades and if there’s families that want to move into town, they’re going to look at the school system,” said Dave Feriend, a parent of students at Mesick Schools.

Some parents with younger children are worried about the future of the district, when it comes time to send their kids off to school.

“It does force you to think where am I going to send my kid now what am I going to do and that’s scary it’s really scary,” said Erica Gaylord, a parent who plans to send her son to Mesick Schools.

The district says, with or without the bond, they will continue to provide a quality education.

The bond would’ve also funded technology upgrades.

As for now, the superintendent says he’s unsure of what their next move will be.