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Brilliant Book Suggestions for Puzzle, National Park Lovers

Not all great books have to be literary masterpieces.

Some can just entertain, enlighten and exercise the mind.

Anthony Ascione, with in Traverse City, has a suggestion for the young readers in your life who love puzzles.

‘Around the World in 80 Puzzles’

“This one I’m a huge fan of puzzles, I was a huge ‘Where’s Waldo’ fan when I was a kid, I loved search and find kind of books, mazes, so this is one for people who like to do puzzles and it’s in that same vein,” Ascione says.  “But it takes place all around the world in different cultural settings, different countries, so it uses the traditional architecture of Russia in one of them, for example….Just some fun puzzles to do on a day when it’s not so nice to go outside and you need to occupy your time a little bit. And I think these are good for kids to do together.”

‘National Parks of the U.S.A’

Whether you’re a lover of nature, a lover of art or have an appreciation for our national parks, Ascione has another book suggestion for you.

“National Parks of the U.S.A” has great illustrations and content for any age.

“This book is beautiful, just a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful book,” Ascione says. “It’s all about our wonderful national parks in the United States here. It’s divided up by region, it gives information on the parks, when they were founded. It has wonderful illustrations of all the indigenous flora and fauna that you would find there. A lot of adults are really into this one because it’s something a lot of people are passionate about and it’s something they should be passionate about, the national parks are our public land and we’re all public land owners because of it. We should be good stewards of that land.”

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