Coast Guard, Emergency Crews Take Part in Toxic Spill Drill in the Soo

Several agencies came together in Sault Ste. Marie to prepare for a worse-case scenario.

The Coast Guard, Chippewa County Emergency Management, city fire, and Customs and Border Patrol all took part in a simulated toxic spill.

Safe, colored dye was dropped into a drain that leads into Ashmun Bay, about a half mile away.

Between recent rainfall and water from the fire department, the dye only took a couple minutes to make it into the bay.

“Actually having this weather to have the worse-case discharge scenario and not just the drop we were simulating, actually the outflow was moving real fast, which would make it problematic,” says Steve Keck, Sault Coast Guard.

Keck says there are about a dozen discharge points into the river.

He says they want to do one more drill before winter sets in.