John James, Republicans Campaign in Northern Michigan Ahead of Election Day

Republicans up and down the ticket made their way through Northern Michigan Friday, rallying GOP voters to get to the polls.

An ecstatic crowd welcomed Republican U.S. Senate nominee John James to Petoskey.

“We are back in Northern Michigan, right before the election, because Northern Michigan is so important to the rest of the state,” said James.

That importance was shared by Republicans across the ticket, who joined James on stage. 

“Everybody in Northern Michigan showed up two years ago, we won this state for the first time in nearly 30 years for the Republican ticket in the presidential cycle. It was because of all of you in this room in Northern Michigan,” Republican nominee for Attorney General Rep. Tom Leonard, said.

Unlike the others, James is new to politics, he says his leadership skills will help the economy continue to grow.

“We can’t wait six more years to protect our Great Lakes, we can’t wait six more years to take care our health care problems, we can’t wait six more years to make sure we have economic growth in our state and we need to make sure we have the leadership now to get this done,” said James.

Attorney General Bill Schuette shared the same urgency while speaking with 9&10 News in Cadillac.

“Are we going to go forward or backward? We can’t afford the risk of going back to the lost decade of the policies of Jennifer Granholm and Gretchen Whitmer. I want go forward and build on the success of the last eight years, so we have more jobs, more people and bigger paychecks,” said Schuette.

It’s a message the Michigan GOP hopes carries to the ballot box on Tuesday.