Troops For Treats Candy Take-Back

Halloween may be over and some kids might be still coming down from their trick-or-treating sugar rush.

But there still may be handfuls of candy still left over.

And that’s why the Treats for Troops candy take-back program is asking kids to share some of their goodies with soldiers overseas.

“It is a good feeling that some of our troops will be able to enjoy a sweet treat from home,” said Kim Benz, manager of community benefits at the Munson Cadillac Hospital.

Kids can receive an overload of candy while trick or treating and the troops’ candy take-back program is hoping to take some off your hands and into the hands of those serving our country.

“Every year we organize several drop off spots in the region and one of the spots here is Munson Cadillac hospital at the front entrance and the other drop off spot is the Cadillac Area YMCA. We invite the community to come in and drop off all of their excess candy and then we’re partnering with the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Unit 94 and they will pack up all of the treats and send them off to the troops,” said Benz.

If kids bring in over a pound of candy they get a free day pass to the gym and entered in to win a two-month free youth membership at the YMCA.

“It’s just the idea of nice a little bit of what you have and we will give something to you and then it’s going to help support our troops as well,” said Paul King, marketing director at the YMCA.

More than 1,100 pounds of candy was sent to troops and veterans from northern Michigan last year and they are trying to break that record this year.

“Yes, you can have a little bit of candy from Halloween but you don’t probably need the five pounds of candy that you got to bring in a pound of candy that which we send to some troops so gives them a little taste of home while they’re out protecting our country,” said King.

The Northern Michigan Diabetes Initiative and Munson Healthcare will take candy donations from today until Sunday. Click here for drop off spots.