Benzie Bus, BATA Awarded Grant for New Technology

Nearly $1 million will help Northern Michigan seniors, people with disabilities and veterans.

The money will be used for new technology for the Bay Area Transportation Authority, Benzie Transportation Authority and Allegan County Transportation.

It’s part of the $8 million Michigan Mobility Challenge.

The Michigan Department of Transportation announced that SPLT and Bosch selected the public transportation service for the grant.

With the money, they will be able to enhance their technology and bridge the dispatch software between Benzie and BATA making it more seamless for riders.

“The new technology will look just like it may in a city where you have your options that you can take a cab or you can take a train or you can walk and this is the way you would do it,” said executive director of Benzie Bus, Bill Kennis. “So it will show you your options, you can confirm your appointments, it will tell you the eta of when the bus is coming so you can be prepared.”

You will also be able to cancel a ride, making the service more efficient.

It’s scheduled to take off in six to nine months.