Hometown Tourist: Jordan Valley Glassworks

Glassblowing is a beautiful and unique form of artwork, and in East Jordan you can find Jordan Valley Glassworks.

It’s a working studio you can visit to see the craft in action, ask questions and be amazed by the ways that liquid can be transformed into solid glass

Jordan Valley Glassworks stems from more than 100 years of Jay’s family being in the glass business.

You can feel the family vibe as soon as you walk in the door.

“Early memories of being told don’t touch that, don’t touch that. Two of my children blow glass and they specialize in both in lighting and in design and color,” said owner Jay Bavers.

From sculptural pieces to the functional — lighting, soap dispensers, earrings, you name it.

And today when we visit, he’s making pumpkins.

“We could just make Christmas ornaments, and just make lighting or just vases, we like to do a little bit of everything, keeps it fun, we mix it up and each of us has their own particular thing that they like to do,” said Bavers.

You bring the idea and they’ll turn it into glass.

With unique and stunning options, to the nostalgic.

Creating urns and pieces from ashes, even, some unusual ones.

“We do a lot of urns, but we also encase glass around cremation urns of loved ones, pets, family members, nothing is more rewarding.

“We have a couple of guys that brought their buddies ashes that they drank with for forty years and they had us put their cremation remains in some beer mugs so they could still drink with him. That was pretty neat,” said Bavers.

A visit here is a promise of a return with a wealth of knowledge in the glassworks world after a conversation with Jay.

You can even take a workshop and the little ones can join too.

“We had a lovely little five year old and she said, ‘my breath’s in there and it’s going to be in there forever.’ That was the greatest thing to hear. She kind of understood what was going on. The idea that she took something that was a liquid and turned it into a solid,” said Bavers.

Finding a unique piece every morning when the colors change after cooling down brings out the love for the art even more

Each day is a different challenge and a promise of something unique.

“It’s fun for us having people that are interested in what we do especially children, you know, they have billions of questions and we have a lot of answers,” said Bavers.

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