Disturbing Details In Benzie County Sex Crimes Investigation

Disturbing new details in a Benzie County sex crimes investigation.

We got our hands on Child Protective Service documents outlining allegations of what relatives say happened inside Michael Bancroft’s home for years.

We first told you about Bancroft earlier this month, when the sheriff’s office arrested him.

We want to warn you the accusations in this case are extremely disturbing.

Some too graphic to even mention.

We took you to the courtroom where Bancroft was charged with multiple sex crimes.

He’s accused of sexually assaulting at least three victims over the course of several years.

The allegations date back to between 2007 and 2012.

The CPS petition documents show many allegations of what was going on inside the Bancroft home over the years with underage relatives.

The allegations include making girls dance naked for him and putting his mouth on their toes and breasts, making boy’s dress up in women’s clothing and perform oral sex on him, and kissing someone’s feet and rubbing their legs when they were asleep.

Child Protective Services have received multiple complaints of physical abuse and neglect at Bancroft’s home over the years, Bancroft refusing CPS access to the home and children.

The kids in the home saying they were told not to tell CPS what was going on.

The home is described as being a health hazard with rotting food, animal feces and urine everywhere.

Along with Vicodin and unsecured guns.

In a previous case, court documents show Bancroft was arrested back in 2000 for felony sexual assault.

He pleaded to misdemeanor assault in that case for a situation with a former babysitter.

We have requested police reports on the latest allegations but are still waiting for them.

Will continue digging deeper into this investigation.

Bancroft will be back in court the first of November.