Mount Pleasant Hospital Employees Win $1M on Mega Millions Ticket

The $1.5 dollar Mega Millions jackpot has one winning ticket.

The single ticket with that combination was sold in South Carolina.

Another 36 tickets across the country won a $1 million second prize, including two in Michigan: one in Grandville, the other at Ric’s Food Center in Mount Pleasant.

That ticket was part of an office pool. 

We’re told that it was a group of 10 employees at the hospital in Mount Pleasant that bought the ticket. Splitting it up 10 ways after taxes, it’ll be about $45,000-$50,000 per person.

The odds of matching all six numbers for the grand prize were one in 301.5 million.

Part of what made this prize grow so large is the bigger it got, the more people purchased tickets.

Even if you didn’t get your ticket in South Carolina, check it anyway.

Lottery officials are not yet releasing the exact location of where the winning ticket was sold.

In South Carolina, lottery funds are used to support a variety of educational programs.

It’s a little bit of good news for a state still recovering from Hurricane Florence.

South Carolina’s governor estimated Florence caused $1.2 billion in damage to the state. That’s still $300 million less than the value of the winning ticket.