Mesick Bank Closing; Leaving the Town Without One

Huntington Bank in Mesick is closing. People who live in Mesick and local business owners are not happy about it.

Without this Huntington Bank, those in Mesick will have to drive to Cadillac.

They are worried about the inconvenience this brings.

Businesses are afraid this will draw people to eat and shop in Cadillac.

The manager at Mesick Market is upset about the Huntington Bank closure.

She says she is contacting corporate and sending them pages of signatures she’s gathered to try and prevent this from happening.

“We’ve had some customers that said they just opened accounts over there, a few weeks ago and then they got notified that it was going to be closing and they opened it because they didn’t want to drive to Cadillac anymore,” said Kathy Stanley, manager at Mesick Market.

She says they have already collected over 500 signatures.