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Tech on Tuesday: Food Recall App

Another day, another food recall… Or at least that’s how it seems these days.

With what seems like a never ending list of food recalls, it can be hard to keep track of which foods you should be tossing in the trash.

But there’s a newly-updated app that could keep you safe from hazardous food and put your mind at ease. 

The United States Department of Agriculture is a federal safety agency in charge of the bulk of food recalls. With help from the Food and Drug Administration, they’ve released an update to their which makes it easier than ever to get the latest recall information.

The app was originally released back in 2015, but the latest update came earlier this month and is packed with real-time notifications to help you avoid the risks associated with foodborne illnesses like salmonella and E. coli.

The USDA FoodKeeper app now offers you the option to receive information on food recalls the minute they’re released. There’s also options to only receive the notifications once a day, or weekly.

But FoodKeeper does more than just update you on the latest recalls! This app is an asset for anyone who spends time cooking. It offers instructions on how to properly store food safely. Using FoodKeeper, you can find storage timelines for more than 500 different kinds of food, as well as information on how long you should be storing them in your refrigerator and freezer. You can also find tips for preparing raw meats, poultry and seafood.

The FoodKeeper app is free to and .


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