Pres. Trump Authorizes Funding for New Soo Lock; Congressmen Share What Has to Happen Next

Another major step towards a new lock in the Soo.

On Tuesday President Trump signed off on the 2018 Water Resources Development Act.

The act includes more than $900 million for the construction of a new 1200 foot lock.

But there is still more to be done to actually secure that funding.

Congress still has to appropriate the funding, but the authorization is a major step forward. One of many we’ve seen over the last several months.

“After spending all that money in the middle east can you imagine, we can’t fix a lock, we’ll get it fixed,” President Trump said at a rally in Washington Township.

President Trump made that promise back in April, the signs on the stage behind him, spell the same message Congressman Jack Bergman shared with 9&10 News over the phone.

“This is about promises made and promises kept. It’s a great day for Michigan,” Bergman, said.

Bergman says it’s been a daily effort and bipartisan work to get to this point.

“It’s working with others to explain to them and help them understand the criticality to not only Michigan but to the entire Great Lakes region and the entire United States. [A new Poe-sized lock] promotes commerce and it cuts costs across the board, because now you can plan maintenance times and not disrupt the activity of the lake carriers.” Bergman, added.

The congressman says they now are working to make sure the project is put on the Army Corps of Engineers’ work plan.

Both he and Congressman John Moolenaar are confident this project will be seen through.

“I’m very optimistic because the president fully embraced it, the Army Corps of Engineers has demonstrated it for security and economics. Things are aligned in such a way that we will move forward on it. But in Washington you’re never done until you’re done,” Moolenar, said.

They say the goal is to get the funding on the 2020 budget, appropriated next summer.