Ferris State University Offering $10,000 Scholarships to Incoming STEM Students

There’s some serious scholarship money up for grabs at Ferris State University.

A $10,000 scholarship will be available to students coming to Ferris for STEM programs next year.

The National Science Foundation granted the university $1.2 million for it.

This grant money will go to a program designed to find students who want to study in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Faculty say it is important to find students interested in stem early.

“STEM’s not easy, a lot of studies have shown that if you haven’t decided by the time you’re in middle school whether or not you’re going to be in STEM, that likely you will not go into STEM. So we need to do a lot of outreach at all levels of K through 12 to encourage those groups to become part of it,” says Dr. Kristi Haik with the FSU College of Arts and Sciences.

The scholarships will be available starting in 2019.