Charlevoix Township Fire Dept. Hosts Open House, Voters Will Decide if they Get a New Station

Firefighters in Charlevoix Township are asking voters to help them get a new fire station.

On the ballot this November is a $1.8 million bond proposal.

They say their station is outdated and undersized.

It’s a story 9&10 News has been covering for months and on Saturday the department wanted to show the public how bad it is, with an open house.

“We’re asking for everyone’s support in this, it would make a huge difference,” Charlevoix Township Fire Chief Dan Thorp said.

Thorp says they’re a growing department, with growing needs.

“We merged with city of Charlevoix so therefore our runs have almost tripled in the last year. We got more guys, more equipment, more of everything and we are just simply out of room,” Thorp explained.

Lack of space is a concern, but a huge factor in why the department wants to upgrade is because of the lack of plumbing.

There’s also no toilets, no drains or showers.

“Some of the fires we go to we’re coming back covered in sot and debris and we have no place to cleanup and everybody is taking their clothes home and tracking it through their house,” Thorp added.

The department hope those who live in the area get the message and took Saturday, to show them an up-close look.

“I’m aghast that there’s a porta-potty outside and that there’s no plumbing in the station. What happens when they come back from a fire and need to shower down?” Judith Connett said.

The Connett’s spend close to half the year in Charlevoix, their registered to vote down near Ann Arbor, but are hoping their neighbors vote “Yes.”

“Volunteer firemen work really hard, expose themselves to danger and take care of us all and I really appreciate it,” William Connett added.

In the first year, the bond would cost around $92 for a taxable property worth $100,000.

The township already has a location on Waller Street where they can build, if voters choose to approve the bond this November.